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Optimization & Testing

Refine your campaign with performance data

As your PPC campaign progresses, we carefully monitor your ongoing performance. By benchmarking and regularly analyzing performance, we identify new strategies to maximize the success of your campaign.

Metrics that Shape Your PPC Strategy

By tracking your campaign's metrics, our PPC experts are able to identify and understand trends and patterns in your campaign. We monitor the performance of ads, keywords and offers, allowing us to see which strategies generate the most qualified traffic and pursue them more aggressively.

Refine Your Campaign with User Data

Your PPC campaign generates data that creates a clear picture of how consumers interact with your business online. Our technology allows us to track your conversion and click-through-rates, as well as to gather data about your leads.

We're able to identify information about your site's visitors like geographic location, date and time of site access, and more, helping us refine your target demographic profiles and outreach strategies.

More access to leads with ppc call tracking

Our data collection capabilities aren't limited to online behavior. When a user calls your business after connecting with your site through a PPC ad, our call tracking services can provide you with useful data from the call.

By generating unique, toll-free numbers for your PPC campaign and associated landing pages, we're able to monitor and track inbound calls to your business. You'll see the time and duration of each call, where it came from, which landing page and/or PPC ad led to the call and more, giving you a more comprehensive understanding of your leads.