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Product Listing Ad

Product Listing Advertising (PLA) Agency In India

ADS India Use the terms “Google Shopping” and “Product Listing Ads” interchangeably throughout the book. They mean the same thing – Google’s Paid Shopping Ads, which consists of the Google Shopping Data feed, the Google Merchant Center Dashboard and the Product Listing Ads Campaign of Google Adwords. Product Listing Ads cost per click (CPC) ads which online merchants purchase through Google Adwords. These ads appear or Show on Google Search pages to the left, and top of resulting page. Product Listing Ads are displayed more detailed information to users than standard text-based on ads, it encourages the audience to click through to your website. Product information in the ads come from the product data feed. Google sometimes also referred to as shopping ads and can appear on various Google properties. Such as Google Search, Google Shopping, Google Image Search, as well as on the Google Search Partner network. You can also run a form of product listing ads on various type of other channels, although, they normally have different names. For example, Facebook and Instagram and Many other Social Media call them Dynamic Product Ads. First, they are usually PPC ads so you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. Next, they are based on product data feeds. So, display products you sell with clear or white background images and real-time price information. Main things in Google Product Listing Ads is the Product data feed. You upload your product data feed to Google and then create your campaign. Then After Google will decide which of your products to display to a user based on the content of your feed. They are easy to online advertisements that companies pay for on a cost per click (CPC) basis. Therefore, if your online store were to take out a product listing ad on Google, you would only pay for the times when a user clicked on that ad. No payments are made when users see the ad but don't decide to click. Google is the most popular ad network in the world. You don't have to pay anything to sign up for Adwords, so the only costs that come in are when users make those clicks. As for the location of the ads, they're placed on the side of Google search results and on the top. Here's an example: If someone were to search for cheap futons (and you target this keyword,) your ad would be placed before, or to the side, of the natural search results. The best thing about product listing ads is that Google does a great job of making them look as natural as possible. It's true that Google places a little “Sponsored” tag by the product listing ad, but it often goes unnoticed and many customers don't even care about that. However, product listing ads use clear and white background images, so they do stand out a bit compared to standard Adwords advertisements.

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