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An Overview of Google Search Console’s “Speed Test”

In the SEO world, We all Digital Marketers know that it is very important to have a speedy website. The website loading speed is considered as one of the major factors in SEO top rankings and if the website has a low speed, the bounce rate increases. Consumer too prefers to visit those websites which tend to load fast. According to a Google Research 53% of visitors will abandon your website if it takes more than 3 seconds.

Until now we have been dependent upon third party tools to know the page loading speed but Google has been working on this functionality since last 6 months and now as a surprise they have launched a Speed Performance test in Google Search Console for all us to know which links are loading fast and which links are loading slow.

Functionality of Google Search Console Based Speed Test:

Let’s have a look:

1. The Speed report found below the Enhancement sections give details about various URL’s of website in terms of loading speed and if the link is found to be loading slow, Google Reports on the same and report errors which the marketers can think of improving the speed based on feedback given by Google.
2. Google will give the report of loading speed of website in three terms:
a) Fast
b) Moderate
c) Slow

3. In the above screenshot, you can see the details provided by Google on every URL and give more details of the page of the websites by linking with Page speed Insights tool

4. Through the above Screenshot you can find the reports for understanding the performance overtime and resolve website fixes. Once the issue is resolved, site owners can get back to their website to check the improvements and performance of the websites.

Advantages of this Google Search Console based Speed Test Tool:

1. The Site Owners now do not have to depend upon Third party tools to check their website loading speed as errors reported by Google are accurate and in fact suggest improvements to take action on particular URL
2. Since this functionality is based on Beta version, we can expect to have more features available in the Speed performance test in the near future.
3. You do not have to check every link on your own which was a tiring some task before because Google not itself check all the URL or pages in a particular website and give a comprehensive detailed report of each and every URL.
4. A Very useful tool to run Digital Marketing Campaigns through speed test to forge a good SEO Tactics for your company.