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Keyword Strategy

Get your campaign off to the right start with a sustainable, goal-oriented strategy.

Start building a successful campaign

Formulating a sound keyword strategy is the first step in developing your PPC campaign. By analyzing your products or services, target demographics, competitors and/or past strategies, we determine which keywords will attract the most relevant traffic for your budget.

Estabilishing Your Goals

No two PPC campaigns are exactly alike, so whether we're building your strategy from the ground up or taking over an existing campaign, we focus on your specific business, demographics and goals.

We identify the key performance indicators that will determine the success of your campaign and focus your strategy accordingly. By creating and choosing keywords that will both target and engage your intended audience, we lay the foundation for a goal-oriented, efficient and successful campaign.

Developing a long term strategy

While a PPC campaign can generate immediate return on your investment, you need a well-developed long term strategy to maintain any level of sustainability. Based on your industry, your competitors and your past PPC strategies, we construct a roadmap for your long-term success.

We build and maintain PPC campaigns designed for enduring success, not just instant gratification. With a strategy structured to accommodate seasonal trends and predictable changes in consumer behavior, we ensure that your budget is used effectively.

Creating a preliminary keyword list

In the early stages of your PPC campaign, we develop a preliminary list of potential keywords based on your existing strategy, your competitors, your budget and your target audience. Image

Build your paid search campaign

Using keyword research technology and other keyword identifiers, as well as past performance metrics and search queries, we build a set of keywords that will shape your campaign.