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Overview of Lead Form Generation in Google Ads

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Overview of Lead Form Generation in Google Ads

Google Ads has been one of the most innovative products designed by Google where overall 90% of the searches on carried on this search engine and Google has mastered itself for showing ads to your specific target customer.
Google has over the years updated the product for the marketers to try new things.

What is Lead Form Extension?

This time Google has released a new extension called Lead form Extension for the Search Ads. So what’s all the fuss about this new Lead Form Extension in Google Ads?

Lead form generation from Google Ads allows marketers to collect leads through a contact form shown in mobile or Tablet, a marketer can choose what exact details he wants to capture for his companies such as Name, Phone No, Email id or Address.

Some Advance Features of Google Ads Functionality:

1. This extension will show below ads on various devices and will prompt the user to contact the company through this add regarding their services and products and will share their details on the same.
2. You can have various call to action possibilities such as Subscribe, Download, Get Quote, Book new to name a few.
3. It also offers a marketer to write a 30 character extension text allowing the marketers to show their services.
4. This extension is currently only available with Search Ads and you can add a background image which appears as Display Advertising behind the Lead form and the dimensions include 1200X 628 and 1.91:1
5. While Generating the Lead form, you will have the functionality to add Business form, Headline up-till 30 characters and Description up to 300 characters.

Lead Capturing Process:

Marketers can download the CSV file beneath the lead form extension in Google Ads, you will see a blue link to “Download Leads”. This will allow you to get the leads with the specified information of the Prospect who has asked about your Services or Products. Do remember this fact that you need to download this file often as the Google will capture the details of the lead for only 30 days.

Advantages of Lead Form Generation in Google Ads:

1. Marketers can now make effective use of Contact form to generate leads for their company.
2. Google has been lacking in getting information from Mobile uptill now, but this functionality will certainly allow the companies to target more deeply into mobile segment or Tablet.
3. It basically removes the navigation where a user has to click on the lead and then landing on a particular page, you fill the contact form. You can now directly fill the form
4. These forms are very user friendly and have fast loading times
5. These ads are targeted to specific users based on the previous content consumption which is more relevant.
6. CSV file generated for the prospect can be directly fed into the required CRM and campaigns for them can be run very effectively.