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Power of Sales Automation

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Introduction :

It is also abbreviated as SFA i.e. Sales Force Automation. Sales Automation is a technology that uses software to automate the business tasks like customer management, information sharing, contact management, Sales forecast analysis etc. It automates the daily and monthly basis task which consumes time of the sales representative, manager and leaders. Main aim of the SFA is to save time and improve your sales person’s productivity by allowing them to focusing on converting leads and not generating. Sales automation improves accuracy of your business and boosts your sale.

Benefits of SFA :-

Sale Forecast : Automated sales forecast your sale by analysing customer behaviour and market swings. To understand sales trends and opportunities of past and future you can use software. It analyzes information and stores the same. It gives you clear insights of forth coming revenue

Pipeline Management : Pipeline management is visual representation of sales. In Automated Sales software helps representative to keep track of leads throughout every stages of sales process by setting automated pipeline. It automates the repetitive task so that all your personnel and rep's take the advantage of opportunities to convert the potential customers.

Productivity Acceleration : Factor which affect the sale most is sales rep spent only 32% of their time in selling and remaining time is spent on other manual day to day and monthly task. Sales Automation does the repetitive task of reps and allow them to focus on sale and converting leads. Sales automation helps sales team in achieving goals which are set up 20% higher than previous year.

Opportunity Management : In system you can set rules so that it will prioritize convertible leads. By Automating lead prioritization your system will choose lead contact for you. It also ensures that you maintain contact with leads in all stages of your sales funnel. It also gives the clear picture of client's history when sales reps go to contact a lead also reminds when they need to contact them or schedule meeting.