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Dot Net

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We’re Among the Top .Net App Development Companies

Microsoft.NET Core Technology, a fast and modular platform, offers countless ways to create high-performing web apps.

You can build for online, mobile, desktop, games, and IoT with.NET using a variety of languages, editors, and libraries.

The aim behind .NET was to build a platform based on so-called managed code, which can run in a runtime environment. This was necessary to improve the development experience and free engineers from having to deal with security operations, active memory management, and other low-level tasks that C/C++ developers were responsible for.

Why .NET Core for App Development

The Microsoft.NET framework is scalable, requires less maintenance, and is both easier and cheaper to deploy. The Microsoft.NET framework service pack also offers better performance, side-by-side versioning, new APIs, better reliability, and is better equipped to help enterprises better meet future demands.

.NET Core allows developers to write code once and run it anywhere, thus reducing the need for developers to write a lot of redundant code, making it the ideal platform for cross-platform app development be it for Windows,

.NET developers in Mobinius are technically sound and have hands-on expertise in helping businesses grow rapidly. We have developed the large-scale .NET Core web solutions and apps providing modern, cloud-based, and Internet-connected.NET Core applications.


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It's not just about how Dot Net works,

but its popularity and reliability have been adopted globally to make some really amazing platforms with this as a base.

Here are some of the popular Websites/Applications built up with the base of the Dot Net.

  • DELL
  • XERO

Our Microsoft.NET Core competencies:


  • Microsost.NET Core 2.0
  • Microsoft.NET (MVC, MVC3, MVC4)

Front-End Technologies

  • Microsoft.NET framework 1.0 service pack 2
  • Microsoft.NET framework 1.1 service pack 3 xp
  • Web API


  • Express.JS
  • Node.JS