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Market Research

Market Research

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Hiring a market research firm to access deep insight into markets is valuable but many times highly costly for young start-ups or small businesses. However, if you know where to look, you can gain access to quality knowledge that top market research companies freely distribute online. The information on these websites is published in a variety of forms, and usually spans the gamut of all things market research.

Public opinion polls

Many times market research firms are hired by an organization to conduct public opinion polls and distribute the response in the form of a press release or news release. These can prove to be very valuable as you get to know the market, particularly when developing your marketing strategy or when the report is specific to your industry

White papers

Another highly valuable form of content that is distributed by market research firms is the white paper. A white paper is a technique in content marketing where the company distributes information and analysis on a topic. Because their intent is usually to sell their services, it is still important to use a critical eye when evaluating the white papers. Furthermore, most companies will require you to submit a basic level of information.

Market research blogs

Company blogs are also worth checking out for brief opinions by market analysts on the state of the economy or general trends. A blog format allows the author to supplement the data with their personal analysis so the resulting content allows for the quick ability to interpret what it means for your business.


If you are lucky, you can perhaps identify a market research firm that specifically focuses on the industry in which your business operates. This type of free content will most likely only occur in large umbrella industries where resources are rich to provide free content.

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