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Does email marketing in India still work?

Yes, email marketing absolutely works in india. In fact, it's more important than ever to contact your customers and prospects via email than ever. Nowadays your clients don't just check email on their computer, they check it wherever they are. This could be on their smart phones, or on their tablet computers. That means that with email marketing you can connect with your list wherever they are... and if you aren't, you can bet that your competitors will be trying to lure them away from you.

Remember : Out of sight is out of mind. And the best way to keep at front-of-mind is with regular communications. While it's not practical to phone or visit your clients constantly, it's perfectly fine to email them regularly. Especially if you email them in a way that adds value to your relationship with them.

In short : Email marketing is a cost-effective (and time effective) method to grow your business... if you do it well. Would you like to enjoy those kinds of results in your email marketing too ?

Here's how we can use email marketing to grow your business

Many business owners aren't aware of the different possibilities of email marketing in India. Here's an overview of the email marketing tactics we can make available to you:

... imagine what these kinds of email marketing services could do for your business profits !

Newsletters : These are value-added information-based emails. It could be an article, quick tip or industry update to keep your subscribers up-to-date.

Promotions and offers : Time-limited sales messages to increase your sales revenue.

Autoresponders to clients : Do you have prospects on your opt-in list that haven't yet bought from you? It can take from 5 to 12 follow-ups to get them to buy. Carefully worded follow-up messages will get them to do just that.

Highly personalised campaigns, based on loyalty or spend : Make your most loyal clients feel extra special by treating them with VIP gifts or information.

Lapsed customers :Easily identify your lapsed customers and tempt them to come back to you (or survey them to find out why they haven't re-purchased).

Birthday campaigns and anniversary campaigns : Give your customers an extra treat on their special day. If you think that sounds good and want help to integrate this into your current marketing systems, read on...

  • Discussing your needs at a Strategy Meeting

    At the Strategy Meeting, we'll go through your email marketing objectives. From there, we'll put together a tactical plan based on your needs.
    Most importantly of all, we'll discuss the ROI (return on investment) you need from the email marketing services.
    After that, the services are implemented in a way that suits you.

  • Snazzy template designs

    Need a template for your regular email newsletter ? Or something snazzy for your promotions ? We'll create a template that looks great in all email systems and is mobile-friendly.

  • Compelling email content

    Stuck for words? Our expert copywriters can craft the perfect message to suit your marketing objectives.

  • Set up and send your email campaigns

    Hate the admin work involved in setting up emails? Let us take the load off your shoulders.

  • Report on results

    You'll receive full feedback on how your campaigns performed, including the open rates, click through, or whatever other objectives we've agreed on.

If you'd prefer to write and set up your own email campaigns, that's fine too. You can pick and choose from our email marketing services in a way that suits you.